Why The Minnesota Vikings Should Sign JC Tretter IMMEDIATELY – Vikings Rumors On Free Agent Center

JC Tretter is taking over the latest Vikings rumors. In today’s show we give you 5 reasons why The Minnesota Vikings should sign JC Tretter. The glaring hole in the Vikings roster for the past couple has been the interior offensive line position. If the Vikings sign JC Tretter during NFL free agency, could this make the Vikes O-Line a top ten unit in the NFL? JC Tretter is all the Vikings rumors talk because many believe he is the missing key to the Vikings roster. Will Scott breaks down the latest Vikings rumors in today’s Vikings YouTube video!

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Earlier during the NFL free agency period JC Tretter’s Dad was liking tweets about his son coming to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

Should the Vikings sign JC Tretter? Type ‘Y’ for Yes or Type ‘N’ for No

Where Will JC Tretter Sign during NFL free agency?

JC Tretter Signing to Vikings Pros:
#1: Kirk Cousins can’t handle interior pressure
#2: One of the best Centers in the NFL
#3: Garrett Bardbury is bad
#4: Elevates O-Line to top 10
#5: Could be cheap at this point

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