What The Big Ten And SEC's Next Expansion Moves Might Be | College Football 2022

If it isn’t already clear by now, the SEC and Big Ten are bending the College Football world to their will. In 2021 the SEC enticed Oklahoma and Texas to leave the Big 12 and join the SEC no later than 2025. The Big Ten a week ago poached UCLA and USC from the Pac-12 and the two schools are set to join the Big Ten in 2024. The SEC and Big Ten aren’t finished either. Both schools are looking to add more schools to approach the ideal 20 or 24 team size that would make up a true super conference. The two conference’s expansion moves are only known by a select few, but it doesn’t hurt to guess what Kevin Warren and Greg Sankey might be thinking. The SEC is rumored to have invited Clemson, Florida State, North Carolina, and Virginia to their conference. The Big Ten, meanwhile, is busy courting Notre Dame.

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12:01-24:42 Big Ten Expansion + Conclusion

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