Texas Rowing's Dave O'Neill in Crossy's Corner – Part 1

The Head Coach of Texas Rowing, Dave O’Neill loves the sport and his enthusiasm is infectious. In this edition of Crossy’s Corner, Martin Cross drags Dave back into the office after months of lockdown to ask him the important questions. Topics include the NCAA, the Olympic Rowing format, the benefit of pausing at the finish and what 2K score is going to catch his attention if you want to make the 1V.

This interview is split into three parts, this it the first of three.

0:00 Introduction
1:30 What’s the difference between Cal and Texas?
3:20 The religion of American Football
4:38 The NCAA and the growth of women’s rowing
8:00 What have been the implications for coaches over the past 20 year?
9:15 As a coach who is constantly evolving, what changes have you introduced recently?
10:40 What boat sizes are your athletes typically training in?
11:40 How much of training is internally competitive? Jon Graves & Gevvie Stone training at Texas…
16:10 What are the NCAA rules around lockdown training?
18:15 What’s your coaching philosophy, is it win at all costs?
19:50 Has it been easy to be more holistic in such a competitive scene?
21:05 Approaching the coaching role like a CEO

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