Morning Woodward Show | Friday, July 8th, 2022

Adham Beydoun and Terry Foster react to last nights NHL Draft, along with who shined most during the Detroit Pistons Summer League game. The Detroit Red Wings drafted Marco Kasper with the 8th Overall Pick in the 2022 NHL Draft.

00:00 Recapping Draft Night for the Detroit Red Wings
18:00 Pistons beat Blazers – Impressions of Jaden Ivey
32:00 Is College Football losing its Tradition with ongoing Expansion?
47:00 Are the Tigers Dead this Season?
1:04:00 Winged Wheel Podcast Interview
1:19:00 Adham, Braylon, and Rog Home Run Derby
1:29:00 What Adham Has/Hasn’t Done in Michigan
1:46:00 Maddy’s Thoughts
1:53:00 Mailbag

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