Jim Scarcelli on Mo & Moore; Michigan Football Today

Former Michigan linebacker Jim Scarcelli gives his memories of former Michigan coach Gary Moeller, who passed away yesterday. Scar also looks back at the recruitment of high school quarterback Dante Moore. #umichfootball #michiganfootball #garymoeller

On Moeller 00:00-6:22

Moeller as an OC/DC & HC 6:23-13:15

Moeller tributes 13:16-14:50

The Catch video 14:51-18:10

The Mo years 18:11-25:11

Three things on Mo 25:12-27:54

Mo over the years 27:55-33:39

Mo recruiting 33:40-35:27

Dante Moore 35:28-50:40

Feedback 50:41-59:33