Jamarcus Russell Tells All: The NFL's 1st Pick to the Biggest Bust in History? | The Pivot Podcast

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From the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft to never making another NFL roster 3 years later, Jamarcus Russell joins The Pivot to finally tell his side of the story about what really went on to cause such a short NFL career for the quarterback who had so much potential. This conversation covers everything with emotion filled losses, tension filled frustrations and honest reflection of one of the most disappointing stories in the sport’s history. 

Jamarcus, the highly successful LSU alumni and MVP of the 2007 Sugar Bowl, shares the Tiger ties with Ryan and reached out because he felt after all these years, it was time to answer many of the stories that shadowed his career and ultimately led to his downfall. Giving him every opportunity to explain and take accountability for what went on- Ryan, Fred and Channing ask the tough questions to find answers we all want to know.

Getting right into it, the guys ask him about substance abuse stories, not watching film, missing team meetings and relationships with coaches and teammates on the Raiders during his years there. Ryan asks Jamarcus if he considers himself the biggest NFL Bust of all time to a response that may come as a surprise but he also makes it clear where he stands financially after getting 35 million guaranteed and addresses rumors of the former quarterback being broke. 

Not overlooking his ability to play at a high level, Channing asks Jamarcus how his talent led to losing seasons and not a lot of playing time as Jamarcus talks about his regrets, relationship with Al Davis, Nick Saban, Tom Cable, Hue Jackson and others in the organization who he feels played a role in his short NFL career. Reflecting back on a lot of “What Ifs’, Jamarcus tells Fred he often wonders what it would have been like and how the course would have changed if Randy Moss was never traded to New England the year he was drafted and dispelling the rumors of his beef with Jeff Garcia and why he never made it on to another NFL roster. 

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