Interesting Tactics In Event Powerball | American Gladiators | Full Episode | S03E05

In the men’s competition, it’s Mark Anthony, a bouncer from Pasadena, California against, Craig Charles, a U.S border patrol officer from Overland Park, Kansas. In the woman’s round its, Kimberly Lents, a customer service rep from New York vs. Jill Schenk, a waitress from Tarpon Springs.

Powerball: Contenders try to score points by depositing balls into baskets and avoid being tackled by three Gladiators.

Hang Tough: The Gladiator and contender swing across hanging gymnastics rings, with the contender trying to make it to the opposite platform without the Gladiator forcing them off.

Joust: The Gladiator and contender face off for 30 seconds on elevated platforms. They must knock each other off with pugil sticks.

Atlasphere: The contenders and Gladiators battle in spherical metal cages. The contenders must stand on scoring pods while the Gladiators try to stop them.

The Maze: The contenders have 45 seconds to navigate their way through a maze, but four Gladiators are inside and ready to stop them.

The Wall: The contenders attempt to scale a rock climbing wall, being chased by Gladiators.

The Eliminator: The Eliminator is an obstacle course spanning the arena, the winner of which advances to the next round of the competition.

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Welcome to the official channel of American Gladiators, home of patriotic spandex and giant cotton swabs.

Beginning in 1989 for 8 seasons, this competition swept America. Two men and two women compete against each other and a roster of “American Gladiators”. Events included, The Assault, Joust, The Wall, Breakthrough and Conquer, Hang Tough, Powerball, and many others, all culminating in the final event, “The Eliminator”, a difficult obstacle course race. Every season there is a tournament to determine its “Grand Champion”. For two seasons, there was an “International” competition taped in England where the champions from 4-6 countries competed similarly.

Interesting Tactics In Event Powerball | American Gladiators | Full Episode | S03E05

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