Intercepted At The Goal Line | The Play Call That Upended The Seahawks’ Dynasty

Fresh off their first ever Super Bowl title, the 2014 Seattle Seahawks found themselves flirting with dynasty status. They waltzed into Super Bowl 49 poised to not only cement their status as a bonafide dynasty, but to definitively end another one in the process.

However, the Seahawks entered the football annals in far less flattering fashion: for committing one of the most agonizing turnovers in Super Bowl history – a play that not only resuscitated the New England Patriots’ dormant dynasty, but one that kickstarted the slow unravelling of a Seattle powerhouse.

Written & Narrated by: Jonah Birenbaum (@Birenball | Twitter)
Produced & Edited by: Stephen Addante (@stephenaddante | Instagram)
Thumbnail Design by: Justin Shipley (@shipleysportstudio | Instagram)

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