Incredible Quarterback Drills To Improve Your Game ?? Jordan Palmer's QB Summit | PLAYMAKER NETWORK

Former NFL Quarterback Jordan Palmer hosts a group of youth and high school football quarterback in south Orange County and teaches them what it takes to become an NFL Quarterback


Checkout Jordan Palmer’s quarterback training for up and coming young quarterbacks. As you probably already know, Jordan Palmer had an 8-year long NFL career, playing with multiple clubs and full 4-year college career as well. After his career he went on to become an NFL draft prep coach, working with names such as Josh Allen and Blake Bortles. As such, he is a perfect trainer to show you all the right drills to improve and become the best quarterback you can possibly be.
In this video, you can see him working in his 3-day QB Summit player camp. The camp is open to everybody that enlists. In this camp, you will get to learn everything you need to become the best quarterback. From playing techniques to mental preparation, you will get both on the court and off-court experience with Jordan Palmer and a team of coaches working with him. As you can see in the video itself, kids from 10 years old to the top high school prospects in the country are playing alongside each other, learning all they can on quarterback training and improving their game to the max.
The great thing about this camp is also that parents get to talk to other NFL quarterbacks’ parents, on topics such as how to choose the right school, how to help your kid live his dream as an NFL player and such. They will give you advice on football scholarships and what you can expect from different situations you and your son can end up in.
And if you’re looking to get a football scholarship to be sure to watch and absorb every second of this video. In it, you will find precious information on how to move and always be prepared to throw the ball in the best possible manner. Quarterback training isn’t just about getting the arm ready, it’s so much more than that. You need to have the right mindset. You need to be always stable and quick with your feet, to be able to get in the position to throw the ball accurately.
Drills you can see in the video are easy to recreate and you don’t need anything intricate to work on them. It just shows how you can improve your game dramatically if you just do these simple workouts. It can also get you through college on a football scholarship, a thing that can immensely influence your future, even if you don’t make it as a pro in NFL.