I Want To Play Mens Football At A High Level Next Season – Brooke Norton-Cuffy

The Beautiful Game Podcast – Episode 122 – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW BROOKE NORTON-CUFFY – We discussed the career of #Brooke with the man himself. We discussed coming through at #Arsenal, going on loan to #Lincoln and his future aspirations + much more.

0:00 TBG Intro
0:15 Guest Intro
1:05 How did you fall in love with football
4:28 When did you start to make a name for yourself at Arsenal?
7:04 Why Arsenal?
10:00 What is it about Arsenal that provides youngsters to show their talents?
12:02 Have Arsenal told you about their plans for you?
12:59 What are your strengths and weaknesses
13:56 How is the training programme at Arsenal
15:36 What full backs do you watch for inspiration
16:51 Is it attack first or defend first?
18:11 Talk to us about your time at Lincoln?
21:50 How did the Lincoln experience help you
23:34 What do you think of hearing praise from your fellow team mates?
25:11 Talk to us about your first goal
27:36 Are you a first team player now?
29:29 How connected was Mikel and Arsenal staff to your development
30:30 How much are you looking forward to the EUROS (THEY WON IT!!)
31:00 What are your interest outside of football?
32:32 How do you deal with the fame?
35:00 Are you into your fashion?
37:40 Closing remarks