Have we seen the best of Penn State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich yet?

Penn State fans can ask film analyst Thomas Frank Carr and senior editor, Nate Bauer, their weekly questions on the BWI Mailbag Show. Today they answer questions about Penn State’s offense under Mike Yurcich heading into its second year, fixing the running game, how analysts play into the game-planning picture, and more.

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They start the show with a question about analysts and off-field assistants. Does Penn State now have enough analysts to be on a field comparable with the top teams in the country? If so, does that change anything on game day or in-game planning? Bauer and T-Frank discuss the merits of the thought and what that means for head coach James Franklin and his top assistants, Mike Yurcich and Manny Diaz.

That conversation spins into a question about the Penn State offense in 2022. Can they get the rushing attack figured out? The viewer also wants to know how many yards Nick Singleton will rush for next fall. Bauer feels bullish on Singleton, and T-Frank feels the same about Yurcich. First, Bauer gives his reasons why and then T-Frank discusses why we haven’t seen the best of Yurcich yet.

They also field questions about the defensive line and how new additions will fare up front, the timeline for several first-year players who T-Frank predicts to redshirt, the future of non-revenue sports at Penn State, and much more.

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