Football Coaching Tools: Teaching the Three-Point Stance

Feet. Slide. Squeeze. Sink. Down. Guide your linemen into battle on the gridiron by using this five-step formula for a strong, balanced three-point stance.

For football coaches, teaching the proper stances is key to keeping your team agile and efficient. The three-point stance is a great tool for linemen to not only help their blocking capabilities, but also to help keep their balance when going up against their opponent. Chris Merritt of Heads Up Football has outlined a detailed five-step progression that you can use this football season to help get your players into a proper three-point stance.

The first step to the progression is “Feet.” This command will help set the foundation for your linemen by getting their stance to a proper width.

Following “Feet” is the “Slide” command, where your players will slide their right foot back and give the three-point stance its staggered look for added balance and more drive off that initial step.

In the third command, “Squeeze”, your football players will squeeze their shoulder blades together to spread their chest and get their head up.

The fourth command is “Sink”, in which your players should drop their hips into a sitting position and rest their forearms on their thighs. The Sink command is also the final step in getting into a two-point stance, another common football alignment used by linemen.

With the final command in the progression, “Down”, your linemen will place their hand out in front of them on the ground with their fingers angled to the side.

Ready your players for the trenches this season by using this five-step progression to the proper three-point stance. Follow these Pro Tips to get your linemen in line.

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