Film Room: 4-3 Over Front & Fire Zone Blitz | New York Giants' Defense (NFL Breakdowns Ep 69)

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The New York Giants’ defense was incredible last season. FootballOutsiders ranked them second just behind the Denver Broncos’ defense under Wade Phillips. In this video breakdown, I explained their scheme, how they use a NASCAR pass rush package, and what makes them so good.

The Giants’ defense is based on the 4-3 Over front. In this defense, the three-technique defensive tackle lines up on the strongside of the formation. In this alignment, he is usually responsible for the B-gap in run support. In the other interior position, the nose tackle lines up opposite of the weakside shoulder of the center.

Overall, the Giants’ defense is so good is because there is little consistency in their formations. They formations are unpredictable and it makes strategizing against them even harder when they have so much natural talent on the field.

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