D-Lo & KC – July 11: Keegan Murray Continues to Shine in Summer League

0:00 Stream starts
2:30 Kings had a good weekend
10:00 Paolo is that dude
12:45 Keegan has been impressive
17:22 break
22:00 KC loves LA
27:00 Talking more about Keegan Murray
47:07 break
52:00 Is the NBA king over the NFL?
1:02:24 Ceiling is the roof Performance of the night
1:05:00 talking about how Neemias Queta has played
1:17:20 break
1:22:55 play-in is sticking around
1:32:30 Warriors young players looked good yesterday
1:37:40 Kings need Sean McDermott in Stockton
1:47:45 break
1:51:30 Mountain Dew is bad for you
1:58:55 the “best shape of his life” stories are starting to come out in the NFL
2:05:20 Tyrese Haliburton’s conversation with Sean Cunningham
2:17:30 break
2:21:30 continuing the Haliburton conversation
2:25:00 Indiana/Ayton rumors are heating up
2:30:21 Harrison Barnes was in Vegas this weekend
2:37:10 Jazz say they have no intent to trade Donovan Mitchell
2:46:40 break
2:51:30 call from listener on Keegan Murray
3:03:30 James Ham
3:31:45 break
3:36:30 Continuing with James
3:58:55 Post-Show

3pm – James Ham, 1320 Kings Insider, The Kings Beat

Keegan Murray is absolutely killing it in Summer League. After Saturday brought us perhaps the greatest summer league game of all time, the Kings followed that up with a win against Indiana.

Keegan isn’t the only King to be excited about. Both Neemias Queta and Keon Ellis have shown some really positive signs.

If Monte isn’t done, what’s next?

Plus, a sure sign football is approaching, Tyrese still feeling a certain way about the trade, and will Donovan Mitchell.

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