Coach Urban Meyer on Competition, Leadership and Playing to Win with and Lewis Howes

Thank you for Watching this powerful video with Ohio State Football Coach Urban Meyer!

This is a powerful interview where Urban Meyer opens up about his faith, leadership, his vision for his program and his commitment to excellence!

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*Some Questions I Ask:
How do you get complete strangers with big egos to to buy into your philosophy? (10:40)
When you’re cultivating a relationship with someone out of high school what are you speaking into? (13:16)
Have you evolved your philosophy since your first coaching job? (16:00)
Do you meditate as well? (18:21)
How important is it to have big dreams? (21:06)
You’re developing a leadership center, not just a football program right? (22:44)
What’s the biggest loss you’ve had in sports and in life? (25:34)
When you start the season, do you sit down and talk about your team’s vision? (27:33)
What do you think is the biggest weakness you still need to improve on? (31:12)

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