Can Tyreek Hill Unlock Tua Tagovailoa's Full Potential For The Dolphins Offense?

Chuck and John Pagano, Laveranues Coles, Mike Tannenbaum, Dave Wannstedt, and Peter Engler join Longtime NFL Coach Brian Schottenheimer to discuss how Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa can mesh and thrive together in Miami.

Coach Schottenheimer begins by explaining how he would get Tua confident early in games by utilizing the RPO game. The result would be two-fold. First, Tua would get some easy completions and feel confident making bigger throws as the game progresses. Secondly, the RPO game gets Tyreek touches early that he can turn into significant gains with his athleticism and speed. John Pagano then touches on the defensive concept, Cover 1, that he would play to beat the RPO play calls. However, this results in a star player like Tyreek being covered 1-on-1, a nightmare matchup for any DB. John explains how a defense must mix coverages and pick and choose when they’ll play man. Kansas City took great advantage when teams played man-to-man off-ball, and Miami can do the same to opposing defenses if they prepare correctly.

Coach Schottenheimer then asks Laveranues Coles how he feels having a weapon like Waddle alongside Tyreek will benefit Tyreek’s game. Laveranues describes how having Santana Moss on the field alongside him provided bigger passing windows. Since many DBs played a lot of press-bail against them, they got a lot of yards after the catch. Chuck Pagano then breaks down how he would play bunch sets defensively. His biggest key is finding different ways to play the bunch sets based upon the WR’s release and where guys are going. By putting them together, the defense has a chance to roll their coverage. Coach Schottenheimer then walks through some film showing the concepts discussed on the call.

Next, Coach Schottenheimer, Laveranues, and Peter discuss how best to develop a relationship between Tua and Tyreek. Utilizing your coordinator is huge, as well as taking advantage of each individual’s skill sets. For example, Tyreek led the league in most stats for scramble drills last year while Tua struggled greatly. Figuring out how to mesh the strengths and weaknesses of the two will be critical to the Dolphins’ success.

Lastly, the crew discusses the necessary practice preparations for Tua and Tyreek to get on the same page and how the deep passing game can work between them. Mike McDaniel will bring a larger running game and misdirection plays that should bring about large passing lanes. Although Tua doesn’t throw the ball downfield all too much, he had the 2nd best completion % on 20+ yard deep shots among starting NFL QBs. If McDaniel can get Tua feeling more comfortable with the deep throw, this offense could explode.

0:00 Utilizing RPOs and Beating Cover 1
4:57 – Using Tyreek and Jaylen Waddle Together
7:39 – Film Breakdown
9:40 Developing a Relationship Between and Getting Tua and Tyreek on the Same Page
12:16 Necessary Practice Preparations
13:41 Deep Passing Game
16:25 – Conclusion

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